CIE/IR/IE Class 141 (PD)
With new ‘Power Drive’ (PD) feature.

Class 141 Bo-Bo
Further diesel locomotives were required by CIE.
In 1962 and due to the reliability of the 15 class 121 locomotives, further orders were placed with General Motors for 37 locomotives.
Operational experience with the 121s showed the need for locomotives with 2 cabs.
Mechanically similar to the class 121 these locomotives had a revised control desk more in keeping with European practice and upgraded traction motors.
The initial power unit a GM EMD 8-567CR developed 950 hp but on some units after 1986 these units were replaced by 1100hp units designated GM-EMD 8-645E.

No. Series 141-177

Max Speed 89mph but limited by CIE to 75mph.

Last withdrawal in 2010 but some reinstated as pilots in the Dublin area.

5 have been preserved.

The class 141 (PD) sounds have been recorded from the prototype.

The sounds have been enhanced with archived sounds.

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CIE/IR/IE 141 Power Drive